Bolio - Insulated Coffee Mug - Red

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This beautiful Bolio Insulated Glass Coffee Mug makes other double walled coffee cups look bad. When it comes to visual appeal, the unique ergonomic design has an aesthetic glass design bound to make your mug stand out from the crowd. Yes, it's more than likely it'll be the talk of coffee mug town. Going beyond the aesthetics of our Bolio double walled coffee cups the dual wall insulation technology behind it excels in the department of keeping your coffee hotter for longer. Sure, you may think that double glass coffee cups aren’t anything new in the coffee world and you’re right in saying so. But unlike all other doubled walled coffee glasses, the Bolio Insulated Glass Coffee Mug offers a solid and secure feeling to it that no other double glass coffee cups can compare with. With a thick silicone base at the bottom of the borosilicate glass containing the dual wall insulation, you can literally bang the base of the Bolio Insulated Glass Coffee Mug onto a hard surface without breaking it. The glass is hollow so the cup is quite light on the top and nice and heavy at the bottom making it more stable. The width of the base is also 30% wider than similar insulated glass mugs. The shape and thinness of the lip is an ideal shape for a comfortable feel while you drink. That is the Bolio difference!