Titanium Coated Stainless Steel Reusable Coffee Filter SloBru Series

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The Bolio premium titanium coated reusable steel coffee filter is features a unique and elegant rose-gold color and laser cut design pattern called "Flower of Life". The dual layer filter removes even the finest coffee sediment while the outer layer has much larger outer holes than most standard steel filters eliminating clogging, a problem sometimes associated with 2 layer filters. Our titanium filter features a carriage that holds the filter in place, acts as a dish to keep drips of coffee from leaking on your table and the silicone bottom can be removed allowing the user to use the carriage and filter together as a stand-alone coffee dripper.

  • No. 2 size titanium coated reusable stainless steel coffee filter fits all No.2 size cone shape pour over coffee drippers and decanters.
  • Titanium coating offers the ultimate in filtration quality, is harder then stainless steel further preventing the mixing of reactive metals with the coffee and thus has no flavor effect on the coffee.
  • THE PROBLEM: competing reusable filters allow water flow-through rate to be very high, under utilizing flavor extraction from your coffee and leaving much of your coffee flavor "on the table."
  • OUR SOLUTION: Our unique Slobru Series allows the filtering process to brew in your filter longer creating a fuller body flavor.
  • Best suited for making 1-5 cups of coffee