Bolio Stainless Steel Coffee Filter


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Bolio Stainless Steel  cone coffee filter with custom cradle is designed to be used with larger size coffee dippers like the Chemex or Bodum 8 to 10 cup pour over coffee makers. Most cone dirippers are too small or don't hold enough grinds to make more than 4 cups of coffee but this unit lets you add more than enough grounds to make a full carafe. One of the key features is that the filter comes with a very useful carriage with a built in saucer to hold your cone filter after being used. This lets you make coffee anywhere you want to be, away from a sink and waste basket. The cradle is also convertible so that it can be used as a suspension dripper to be placed on top of any kind of container. This means your not limited to any one particular kind of coffee pot. Use it on top of your mug, coffee server, or masonry jar. The bolio filter carriage and filter will sit right on top. We have also been really successful using this unit in camping situations. Super easy to clean, light weight and easy to store.

  • No. 4 Steel Cone Coffee Filter
  • Fits Larger Size Coffee Makers And Lets The User Add The Correct Amount Of Coffee Grinds For Larger Pots.
  • Versitle No-Mess Coffee Filter Carriage Lets You Set The Filter Aside After Use On Any Surface Without Leaving A Mess.
  • Make Coffee On Your Kitchen Table, Patio Or Anywhere Away From Your Sink.
  • Stainless Steel, Double Layer, Reusable Coffee Filter Makes Great Coffee With Little To No Sediment.